UNIIQ is a €28.8 million investment fund focused on the proof-of-concept phase. UNIIQ assists entrepreneurs in the Dutch province Zuid-Holland in bringing their unique innovations to market faster. We provide entrepreneurs with the seed capital to realize their plans and bridge the most risky phase from concept to promising company.

Through intensive collaboration with knowledge institutions and incubators, we actively support entrepreneurs in their strategic development. Our goal is to help young, innovative companies bring their product to market with a convertible loan. We do this for both academic spin-offs and innovative startups without a university link. The process is aimed at making the transition to follow-up financing. We use a clear process with entrepreneur-friendly terms.

UNIIQ was founded in 2016 by TU Delft, Erasmus MC, Leiden University, and regional development agency InnovationQuarter. UNIIQ is managed by a team of investment professionals in which the partnering institutions are represented. In 2021, Erasmus University joined the fund. Since 2021, the resources of Early Stage Financing (VFF) have been invested in UNIIQ, and an application for VFF aligns with the proven UNIIQ investment process.

UNIIQ is made possible in part by the European Union. Want to learn more about EFRO? Click here.”

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